by Karl Nova

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This is SIDE B of PLTFRM SE7EN. SIDE A was released exactly 2 years before this on June 3rd 2014.

This continues the story Karl Nova's journey as an underground artist and uses his travels on the London underground train service as a metaphor. Some of this was written and created during his travels underground.

All songs were written and produced by Karl Nova. Bex Grant and Melvillous are the only featured guest artists on this project.

This is a special edition which contains 2 bonus tracks that are not available anywhere else.


released June 3, 2016

written and produced by Karl Nova.



all rights reserved


Karl Nova UK

Having fallen in love with poetry and Hip Hop as a child, he discovered his passion for lyrics and found his voice.

He toured extensively with award winning collective GK Real but has also managed to carve his own niche and create his own lane by going against the grain and not being afraid to speak his heart and mind.

He's a versatile lyricist that wears his heart on his sleeve with great flair
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Track Name: Hidden [Bandcamp Bonus Track]
Now let me start with a Big Bang
An explosion of emotion as I'm speaking
My train of thought is approaching hear the screeching
My thoughts collide with the track, rhyme and reason
This time and season has got me evolving
Transforming as the earth is revolving
So many problems how do we solve them?
I'm dealing with issues that need resolving
Resulting in me always reflecting
I can't help it I'm always inspecting
The contents of my heart always checking
I'm introspective the truth is I reckon
I will always be this way as I'm stepping
I step through this soundscape I'm finessing
It's mathematics I'm counting my blessings
Even though a lot of times I am stressing
I press in and press on
Right through the pressure
Deep underground I found some hidden treasure
It is a secret true seekers seek it
I can't reveal it so in a code I speak it

Some things are hidden
You've got to seek 'em out

Now let me start this like genesis
Let there be light with revelations I'm ending this
In the middle are my psalms as I'm penning this
From my heart I'm so calm as I'm sending this
I know sometimes I'm an abstract lyricist
But know this I'm not keeping up appearances
I know some people will have trouble hearing this
But I'm indifferent it makes no difference
A lot of things can be hidden in plain sight
But that is just
stating the obvious innit right?
Anyway as you sway just decipher this
This is my promo, my demo, my deliverance
My delivery might be a mystery
So check my back catalogue, check my history
Beats, rhymes and life I've been on a quest
I put that low end theory to the test
I've been a midnight marauder
This love movement is flowing like water
This secret true seekers seek it
I can't reveal it so in a code I speak it so peep this