Break it down

I wanna build you up
but first i've gotta break it down

when it comes to this art
it is all from the heart
so my body of art is alive from the start
body art like ink on the skin
reflecting what I'm feeling within
i carve verses I care for the craft
even if they think I am daft and they laugh
you don't know me you don't know the half
I'm being made whole my wounds turns to scars
It is part of the process
In my verses I'm charting my progress
deep in my heart I know I'm so blessed
I was so stressed man I was hopeless
I'm not here for the genre drama
save the politics for obama
I'm not carving a false persona
I've been there done that and no longer
am I trying to fake it to make it
this is all real take it or hate it
it's old now so I will not debate it
there's no split betweeen secular/sacred
for me it's all sacred I'm awakened
this is all worship that is basic
some can't understand this but face it
the word is carved in my heart
can't erase it
I see through a whole different lens now
and I sense how things are so tense now
I stand straight and I will never bend now
I stick to my guns take that POW! POW!
of course I'm metaphorcially speaking
I don't pack a gat as I'm beasting
on this track I'm just frankly speaking
I'm hoping it's the truth that you're meeting

I wanna build you up
but first i've gotta break it down

The fall is not where it all started
Creation came first God's an artist
don't start the story from the wrong place
or in your mind you will miss the target
everything was meant to be good
it was made to be good,
hope that's understood
then the fall came order was broken
and the whole creation is hoping
and groaning longing for the day of redemption and restoration
from the mouth of God
was a promise
no slogans
the Word became flesh
cos see actions speak louder
and they put him to death
but he rose again with great power
all our sins have been paid for
but we're not going back to Eden
we're moving forward to something greater
from above a Kingdom we're receiving
it's for those who believe in
the good news of which I am speaking
so hear the word and receive him
inhale new life, breathe in
then keep breathing and keep cleaving
to the faith, keep believing
over time your faith will deepen
it's precious in a world that cheapens
everything that is so precious
we were made for more not lesser
I hope you've got the real treasure
amazing grace no one can measure

I wanna build you up
but first i've gotta break it down


from The Frustrated Artist [Mixtape], released January 26, 2015



all rights reserved


Karl Nova UK

Having fallen in love with poetry and Hip Hop as a child, he discovered his passion for lyrics and found his voice.

He toured extensively with award winning collective GK Real but has also managed to carve his own niche and create his own lane by going against the grain and not being afraid to speak his heart and mind.

He's a versatile lyricist that wears his heart on his sleeve with great flair
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