I Was Frustrated

from by Karl Nova



I was frustrated
Just a little frustrated
I got tired of debating
I just wanna be creative

As the earth turns,
learn to discern
Look beneath the labels
and the man made terms
Beneath what's expressed
find out the real concerns
The passion for truth
deep within me burns
I'm not aiming to cater
to just one market now
I'm not tailoring my content
or dumbing down
I seek to speak from the heart
through this art
And give the whole truth
not just bits and parts
I don't subscribe to your marketing labels
I'm content to let my content turn the tables
Of the moneychangers only concerned with profit
Those only concerned with deepening their pockets
I don't think Christ died to birth a subcultre
He died and he rose to redeem souls
So while they're feeding on the flesh like a vulture
I walk in the Spirit by faith
with worn soles

I was frustrated
Just a little frustrated
I got tired of debating
I just wanna be creative

some folks
are more concerned
with descriptive labels
but if you aint really that
those labels are fables
It's all about the content
and the intent
God knows my intent
and with that I'm content

What really is a christian rapper
And why in that subculture does it matter
That an artist feels they need to
hold on to this label
Let's take a closer look and see what's under the table
From a label's point of view
it's all about marketing
The label is needed
because they're targeting
Those who are most likely
to part with cash
It's most likely Christians
will buy Christian tracks
So they mark all these products with Christian tags
branding is more important
than if it's good or crap
consumers affirm their identity through stuff like that
And separate themselves
using cultural artifacts
To make up for what
deep within they lack
Just buy christian products
bump Christian tracks
Hide in the false security of your bubble
And act like it's all perfect with no struggle

I was frustrated
Just a little frustrated
I was tired of debating
I just wanna be creative

Not everything labelled christian is about the Christ
It really took a while for me to see the light
Uncle Chuck warned me but I did believe the hype
The hype gassed me 'n' left me dissatisfied
I must confess in some cases Gandhi was right
To say he doesn't like Christians but likes The Christ
Cos we are so unlike The Christ most times
And are more concerned with this subculture in which we hide
We're more concerned if we look good on the outside
Instead of being real about the struggles on the inside
We seem more concerned about this culture we've made
Which is more about legalism than about grace
It's more about a polished image and being fake
It's more about the label
than in who we've placed our faith
Is it really about rules that are man made?
Call me a joker but I'll call a spade a spade

I was frustrated
Just a little frustrated
I got tired of debating
I just wanna be creative


from The Frustrated Artist [Mixtape], released January 26, 2015



all rights reserved


Karl Nova UK

Having fallen in love with poetry and Hip Hop as a child, he discovered his passion for lyrics and found his voice.

He toured extensively with award winning collective GK Real but has also managed to carve his own niche and create his own lane by going against the grain and not being afraid to speak his heart and mind.

He's a versatile lyricist that wears his heart on his sleeve with great flair
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