Let's get this clear right from the start
I'm keeping it real coming straight from the heart
though my heart's been broken apart
for the sake of the art and perfecting my craft
most people think you're having a laugh
though the truth is there is a price for the art
my shoulders hurt as I'm bearing this ark
my chest heaving but still I spark
more than just conversation with dedication
illumination, this revelation on this occasion
is for the nation, I'm making statements
'cause we've been placed in such situations
that we are facing it is frustrating but
tribulations they teach me patience
as I follow this path that's ancient
I do this for the love of the art
this is passion straight from the heart
these bars I spark, shine in the dark
so much flow it can float noah's ark
it's Karl Nova that unknown solider
used to cry rivers the bridge got me over
this bridge here aint falling down
the street psalmist is standing his ground
sometimes I feel so underground
that I should have my own station now
so mind the gap that separates us
the Most High elevates us
nothing in the world can shape us
that's simply 'cause you didn't make us
even our folks underrate us
that's nothing new nothing can shake us
yeah we're keeping it moving
it goes without saying there's room for improving
yeah but what we are doing
is more than just music it is a movement
anybody can be a critics
but not many critics can pen these lyrics
I'm defying the laws of physics
i take flight on the mic with no limits
no I'm not wearing a cross
on my neck
man I'm bearing a cross
on my back
and I'm tearing across
this track with such flair and of course
for the right reasons not for the Ps
and not for the fame
trust me it aint easy
believe me it's hard out here
by your own you get scarred out here

I'm still speaking my heat out here
I'm still dropping these bars out here
it's hard out here when you're not supported
by big labels we are not courted
some believe the hype that's reported
they think that you have blown up
and you're sorted
they don't know the doubts you have fought with
they don't know the times you have fallen
that's why I'm not on the hype thing
though I can get you hyped with my writing
call me thunder I'll strike like lightening
nah just call me Nova when i'm rhyming
with perfect timing yes i'm shining
it's part of my blueprint God designing
I once got spellbound by bright things
'til I caught a glimpse of Christ rising
though I get flawed by my flaws
grace once more picks me up from the floor
this aint a game, this is war
I go to war more than I go on tour
I'm like a race horse, on a race course
I've got more horse power than a Porsche
'cause I've been powered by The Source
not the magazine but God of course
I'm a whole new creation
my name's in the middle of innovation
get it? inNOVAtion I've got the flow for the occasion
which each bar the bar I am raising
I'm backed up by scriptures that are ancient
I hope you've got the picture I've painted
Iron sharpens iron I'm abrasive
it is a movement
through us here Jesus is moving
this is God's act see what he's doing
bringing all the enemy's plans to ruin
his will is what we're pursuing
cant you see he's doing a new thing
others are pretenders he's the true king
all things shall be subject to Him
so label me a Jesus freak,
Jesus walks and Jesus speaks
Jesus talks He raps through me
God once spoke through a donkey
He rode a donkey through the streets
just like my flow is riding this beat
there's no place to hide from the heat
the heat of his love pierces deceit
the heat of his love will melt ice grills
and at the same time down spins send chills
sometimes to my mind it seems unreal
through this music I express how I feel
and it's real!


from The Frustrated Artist [Mixtape], released January 26, 2015



all rights reserved


Karl Nova UK

Having fallen in love with poetry and Hip Hop as a child, he discovered his passion for lyrics and found his voice.

He toured extensively with award winning collective GK Real but has also managed to carve his own niche and create his own lane by going against the grain and not being afraid to speak his heart and mind.

He's a versatile lyricist that wears his heart on his sleeve with great flair
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