You reached into the mud and the grime
to rescue this broken soul of mine
You didn't hesitate to get your hands dirty
so you could touch the hidden parts that hurt me
the enemy he tried to murk me
please forgive me if I'm not churchy
in fact I don't apologised
'cause he used dirt to open blind eyes
modern day pharisees can't see
that He can use anything he used me
this is an urban translation
of the gospel to my generation
and we will keep penetrating
pop culture with His revelation
meanwhile church folk keep debatiing
as we keep breaking the chains of satan
i repeat this one more time
He reached deep into the mud and the grime
in the mud I dwelt like swine
getting so filthy time after time
even after i heard the sermon
to do my own thing I was determined
i was in such pain, pain
like paul and silas in chains, chains
all I wanted was a change, change
He got grimey so I praise, praise
He who knew no sin became sin
so i could become righteous in Him
He who knew no sin became sin
so I could become so free within
He who knew no sin became
overcame sin that's why I'm saying

WOW! You got grimey (x3)
you went to hell and back
just to find me

WOW! Oh my God!

Aint you heard The Word became flesh
God in the flesh was made manifest
I know that it doesn't make sense
that was two thousand years ago
it's past tense
what about right here, right now
the world is still grimey slimey and foul
soon the trumpet will sound
and to Him every knew will bow
wow, but first he got grimey
He came with good news that is timely
i can now put the past behind me
He pushed fast forward, you can't rewind me
yes He became as one of us
in the flesh He came like one of us
He felt pain just like one of us
how can i explain like one us yeah
call me an evangelyricist
cause bringing the good news is the street psalmist
God's got my back so I won't front
I fall back, back down or back up
G-O-D is my DJ
and I'm His emcee feel me
in fact God is the emcee
and i'm just His M-I-C
in fact I'm just a speaker
do you get it? I'm just a speaker
He's our strength and He's our song
we sing this music all day long
so turn the volume up
we sing even after the music stops
even if all our albums flop
you are our song and our chart you top!

WOW! You got grimey (x3)
you went to hell and back
just to find me

WOW! Oh my God!


from The Frustrated Artist [Mixtape], released January 26, 2015



all rights reserved


Karl Nova UK

Having fallen in love with poetry and Hip Hop as a child, he discovered his passion for lyrics and found his voice.

He toured extensively with award winning collective GK Real but has also managed to carve his own niche and create his own lane by going against the grain and not being afraid to speak his heart and mind.

He's a versatile lyricist that wears his heart on his sleeve with great flair
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